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 " Tindaci "

The commercial activity of the Tindaci family has very ancient origins, in fact the beginning dates back to almost
two centuries ago.

In 1854 Leonardo Tindaci, a hatter by trade, opened the first factory in Massa
Macinaia in the province of Lucca. After several years, to be precise in 1906, Giorgio Tindaci (one
of the children) moves to Rovigo and opens another hat factory.
More years must pass before the shops open. In 1920 the first of three was inaugurated
shops in Rovigo. The Tindaci shops arrived in Padua in 1932, one in Via Dante 32 (today no. 17) and
the other in Via Boccalerie 6.

In 1961 Adelio and Giorgio have stores in Ferrara, Padua and Rovigo
and a factory in Rovigo.

Today the company is managed by the Tindaci family.
Tindaci undergoes several renovations over time. In 1965 the first was carried out
renovation, while in 1989 the historic ceilings of the building dating back to 1482 were recovered
with hand drawn sleepers.


In 2005 the side shop was incorporated, expanding and thus creating SpazioTindaci, one
exhibition space on three levels.

SpazioTindaci can be defined as a platform for
contemporary art that approaches the great masters of contemporary Italian art and
international artists (Picasso, Rotella, Delano, Magda Campos Pons) promising young artists and
talented (Kenny Random, Blue and Joy, Alessio B, Tony Gallo), proposing
temporary exhibitions, events, concerts and presentations that are original and of great cultural interest.

From the same year Tindaci decided to completely change the type of products, passing from suitcases to clothing exclusively for women.


The tireless research into brands and processes involves international and above all Italian brands, always trying to give space to more  products and details of the contemporary scene.

The same research that allows the botique to stand out and become one of a kind.


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